Audiobook: Cumulus by Eliot Peper (Narrated by Jennifer O’Donnell)


Another perfectly written technothriller

5 out of 5 stars

Cumulus is a company on the brink of signing another much-needed acquisition to continue building up their massive brand. While this is happening, Lily, a wedding photographer with a dream of being a photojournalist finds out that one of her only friends has been murdered in cold blood.  What follows is a story of the near-future where some people are safe and others are considered to be expendable.  Well, expendable people don’t always go down without a fight.

The narration for Cumulus was done by Jennifer O’Donnell, who narrated the other three books that I’ve read/listened to by Eliot Peper.  She does a wonderful job again.  Peper makes it easy by writing dynamic and powerful female characters that allow O’Donnell to narrate from the heart.  The production quality was great (as I’ve come to expect from Brickshop Audio).

I definitely have a new go-to for business-centered technothrillers.  Eliot Peper does it again.  He sucked me in from the first paragraph and didn’t spit me out until the last sentence.  Cumulus was a perfectly written book with action, thrills, and a whole lot of cool technology.

This is one of those books that you read and feel something.  The thing that I felt was fear.  I fear that we are headed towards exactly what Peper wrote about.  His world building skills were excellent and he was able to create a world that was pretty scary.  It takes place in the near future and it really feels like everything that he wrote could happen.

Every character that Peper wrote and included in Cumulus was needed.  They were all hashed out really well too, to the point where as a reader I felt like I personally knew these people or had read about them in the paper.

just finished the book, normally I take a few minutes to digest everything and formulate what I feel, but with Cumulus it was obvious.  The book made me feel so that automatically catapults it to a higher rating. Combine that with the excellent world and character building and you have a hit.

Keep your eyes out for Peper in the future.  I see big things coming from him!


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Written by: Eliot Peper
Narrated by: Jennifer O’Donnell
Length: 7 hrs and 4 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date: 10-05-16
Publisher: Eliot Peper

About the Author:

Eliot Peper

Eliot Peper Eliot lives in Oakland, CA with his wife and dog. When he’s not writing, he works with entrepreneurs and investors to build new technology businesses as a drop-in operator and adviser. He was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at a venture capital firm where he accelerated portfolio companies, sourced/vetted deals, and advised foreign governments on innovation policy and capital formation. He has been a founder and early employee at multiple startups.



I’ve loved reading since I was little when my dad would read me Dr. Suess books. Fast-forward a little and I noticed that he was always reading on his lunch breaks at work, and I wondered why.Then, I found a book that took me to another place and time, to another feeling,another sense of “being”.It was the first book that I ever fell in love with, and I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since.

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