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“…Simply one of the most respected reviewers on Audible.” — Bobby Akart, Author of the Blackout Series and The Boston Brahmin Series.

“I enjoy Brian’s thoughtful, honest reviews. He appreciates the work and artistry that goes into making an audiobook and I can always count on his reviews to give an honest opinion that helps me improve as a performer.” — Jeffrey Kafer, Veteran Audiobook Narrator of over 300+ titles

“Brian writes compelling reviews and his enthusiasm is contagious. As an author, I know his reviews help new readers discover my books. As an avid audiobook listener, I depend on his reviews to fill my queue. Count yourself lucky if he decides to review your work.” — Eliot Peper, Author of Cumulus, Neon Fever Dream, and the Uncommon Series

“Brian’s Book Blog gives detailed, thoughtful reviews; he knows the audiobook medium well and addresses both story and performance, giving weight to both elements.  What’s more, he posts reviews where they are most useful: Amazon, Audible, Goodreads, and on his blog and Twitter feeds.  I’ll be sending my next book his way the minute it’s complete.” — Nick Sullivan, Veteran Audiobook Narrator and Author of Zombie Bigfoot

“Brian’s Book Blog has become a dependable source of quality reviews. His trademark quick turnaround time and loyal following ensure that the title will have some eyeballs on it right away. Highly recommended.” — Rick Chesler, Author of Hotel Megalodon and Landing Party

“Beyond being an excellent reviewer, Brian was extremely professional and responsive in all of my interactions with him.” — Carey Nachenberg, Author of The Florentine Deception

“You can trust Brian’s reviews to steer you right. He is thorough and thoughtful, and knows how to highlight what’s important to a potential reader/listener.” — Tracy Lawson, Author of The Resistance Series

“Brian brings passion, enthusiasm, and an invaluable frankness to his reviews. His reviews are a real asset to listeners everywhere.” — Andrew Tell, Narrator of 40+ audiobooks including Jurassic Dead 1, 2, and 3