Ryan H

Hello, fellow audiobook lovers. My name is Ryan and there are 3 things I love; Audiobooks, my wife, and my little Shih Tzu Ike. I listened to my first audiobook in 2012 and have never looked back. Some of my favourite genres are anything Young Adult. As long as there is a great coming of age story to be told I will listen. It doesn’t matter if the platforms are real life, science fiction or apocalypse. My absolute favourite genre is post-apocalypse and science fiction. If there is a cross-country road trip through the apocalypse count me in just let me grab my bug out bag. Finally, I will admit one genre I have grown to love is time travel. I always try to mix in one of these every now and again. I spend the majority of my listening time with Ike, who secretly aspires to be like Ghost in the Jonathan Maberry Joe Ledger series, but his training goes as far as sit and stay. SO, if you are looking for someone to sniff the floor or couch cushions for crumbs then he is your dog. I am always up for meeting new audiobook lovers so add me on Good Reads, my name is Hoolie42 or on Twitter @rhooey42. I am always listening and loved to be surprised while staying true to the disaster. SO, authors if you think you can wow me please reach out and I would love to listen to your work. I always finish an audiobook no matter what out of respect for the author’s and narrator’s hard work they put in. If I had to choose my top apocalyptic audiobooks, in no particular order they would be Solitude by Dean M Cole, Tourist of the Apocalypse by C.F. Waller and the entire Spaceman series by Tom Abraham. Looking forward to sharing this audiobook adventure with you all.