Audiobook: Michael La Ronn – Android Deception (Read by Erik Johnson)

Android Deception

A great continuation of the story

4 out of 5 stars

Pick up where Android Paradox leaves off with X and Shortcut trying to figure out what is going on with this so-called coming Android Winter.  These two special ops guys (well one android and one young man) are tasked with stopping a veritable maniac from running rampant among the streets of the UEA.

The narration of this was great, no issues at all.  The narrator Erik Johnson has done a great job doing different voices for the different characters.  I never had to guess who was talking within the book.  The narration was steady and well enunciated.  I had no trouble at all listening to either one of La Ronn’s books with Johnson’s narration.  Quality is great with no hiccups or issues at all.

Having jumped into the story (and listening to this within a few hours of finishing the first one) this book went even faster than the first in this series.  Though I won’t lie, the ending was more disappointing for me.  The first one had one of those ending that I could take or leave and walk away and feel like I got a good story but I won’t know the finale.  But this ending… it just kind of stopped.  I understand writing multiple books, but when did not ending a book become a thing?  Regardless I enjoyed listening to this immensely.

This book loses a whole star for its ending.  I enjoyed the shortness of the book, but I think La Ronn could have written two books instead of three and combined the 3 books into 2.  With that being said, the book did hook me and I need to know how this series ends.  I hope book 3 gives me the ending I feel like I’ve earned.

I received a copy of this audiobook from in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Author: Michael La Ronn
Title: Android Deception
Narrator: Erik Johnson
Publisher: Ursabrand Media
Abridged or Unabridged: Unabridged
Length of Production (hrs & min): 3 hrs and 59 mins
Year of Publication: 2015

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Keep Your Enemies Close, and Androids Closer…

Picking up just days after the end of Android Paradox, X and Shortcut are back, and so is their highly intelligent foe. This time, the entire city is the battleground. A struggle for the security of the world begins, filled with androids, crazy fights, quirky technology, and action that will keep you guessing.

The future belongs to humans and androids…or is that a deception?


Michael La RonnMichael La Ronn writes fearless fantasy. His novels feature unlikely heroes such as teddy bears and vegetables, and his writings are filled with quirky and imaginative humor.

In 2012, a serious illness put him in the hospital, an experience that made him realize his true purpose in life as a writer. He has been writing and publishing a diverse portfolio of work ever since.

He writes novels, short stories, and poetry. His signature works are Decision Select Novels, which are a new twist on Choose Your Own Adventures, but for grown-ups and formatted specifically for e-readers.

He lives with his wife in Des Moines, Iowa. He reads an inordinate amount of books every year and also co-hosts the To Be Read Podcast, where he talks about the books he reads. He also blogs about his life as a part-time writer.



2 thoughts on “Audiobook: Michael La Ronn – Android Deception (Read by Erik Johnson)

  1. Even though it does sound like you really enjoyed this book, it does sound like you enjoyed it a little bit less than the first. I like the sound of the fast pacing keeping you interested and sucked in, so it is a shame about the ending being so rushed and falling short.

    1. I still enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong. I’m bummed that the author left the story THAT open for the (hopefully) final book. I understand leaving the reading wanting more. But it just felt unfinished. It made me feel unappreciated as a reader.


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