Movie Review: Passengers

A Great Romantic Movie Set In Space

4 out of 5 stars

I’ve seen and heard a lot of negative comments about this movie, but I don’t know what people were expecting out of it.  I went into Passengers knowing that it was going to be a romance movie based in space.  It wasn’t going to be Interstellar or The Martian but it was going to be a “feel good” type of a romantic comedy.

That being said, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous, and the plot is something that I find incredibly interesting.  I’ve read different variations of this but the one that comes to mind is This Long Vigil by Rhett C. Bruno.  Someone wakes up before they are supposed to and figuring out what to do next is what will determine their live or death.  If anyone has any other books that are similar to this premise, please let me know in the comments or on twitter.

I haven’t even mentioned the two main stars in Passengers.  You have Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.  Could you ask for a better couple on screen? They had real chemistry and played off of each other really well.

Sure, there were flaws in the movie, but I’m good at watching movies with my “movie goggles” on.  If a movie can transform or transport me somewhere for 90 minutes then I’m happy.  A lot of people go into movies trying to find the flaws and when you do that you are going to leave unhappy.

Overall, Passengers was a fun romantic movie set in space. If you’re expecting a hard science fiction movie, this is not for you.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Passengers

  1. I saw the negative reviews for this too but I would still see it. Based on the trailer and the description, I didn’t think it would be a hard hitting sci-fi but more character driven and romantic! Like you, if a movie does what a movie is supposed to do, take you away for 90mins or so, then I’m happy. Great review!! Hope to see more movie reviews from you 😉 Lol.

    1. Thanks, Natalie. I plan on doing more. Especially ones where I’ve read the book AND watch the movie. (hint hint, expect Girl With All The Gifts Review soon).


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