Audiobook: Yellowstone: Hellfire by Bobby Akart (Narrated by Chris Abernathy)

Yellowstone Hellfire by Bobby Akart

A BANG Start To Your Next Favorite Series

4.5 out of 5 stars

Yellowstone: Hellfire was a book that I honestly had zero idea was coming out (let alone so soon after I finished the Lone Star Series). I knew he was working on something else and I might have even ventured a guess in a contest of his but I wasn’t expecting this series.

I can tell that he put a ton of time into researching the Yellowstone series.  Hellfire is one of those books that might turn a reader off because it’s so incredibly well researched.  I say that because you can tell that he’s not going for the easy way out.  Akart is trying to make this super believable and I thought it worked.  It wasn’t Hollywood by any means.  There were scenes that he could have easily taken the path of least resistance but didn’t.

He was able to write characters that jumped off the page again.  This is the fourth major series I’ve ventured into with Akart and they all have people in it that I actually care for.  I love that about his books. He’s also able to write budding romantic scenes that feel believable and interesting – not forced and quick like your typical PA books.

This is my 20th review of just Bobby Akart – in those twenty books he’s taken me places that terrify me and places that comfort me after a long day at work.  He has this way of writing just up to the brink of turning me off when it comes to his politics (I know that he is a Republican, I know what he thinks of the current President, etc).  But, each and every time that I think he’s going to go over that line – he doesn’t. He skirts right up to it, but then at the last moment veers away.  And I commend him as an author for doing that. I write about this because it was apparent numerous times in the people that were introduced (the President being “someone from the business world, not the world of politics”) but I was happy that it never went any further than a descriptor.

Overall, I thought that Yellowstone: Hellfire was a book that I wasn’t expecting in more than one way.  Akart surprised me with the quick release, the insane amount of research, and just by how back and forth from informative to fun this book way.

I have not listened to any books narrated by Chris Abernathy before and I can’t tell how I felt about the slight overacting in the scenes.  Some needed it and they thrived under Abernathy’s narration – where others (yelling/raising voices) felt a little too much.  It wasn’t a dramatization by any means – but at times it got a little heavy handed with the way that he used his voice. That being said – I still liked his narration.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Yellowstone: Hellfire by Bobby Akart (Narrated by Chris Abernathy) four-half-stars
Yellowstone: Hellfire by Bobby Akart
Narrator: Chris Abernathy
Length: 8 hrs and 55 mins
Series: Yellowstone #1
Published by Bobby Akart Inc. on August 17th 2018
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic

Yellowstone is controlled by nature. Its beauty is breathless and tranquil. Crystal clear streams flow. Buffalo roam freely. It's what's happening beneath that will bring hellfire!

The Yellowstone series, a new disaster thriller from international best-selling author Bobby Akart, takes the listener on a thrill ride as a cataclysmic event of extinction level proportions ticks away like a time bomb, awaiting its moment. Millions of visitors visit the Yellowstone National Park every year blissfully unaware they are on top of the greatest killer man has ever known - the Yellowstone supervolcano. Beneath this primal allure simmers a catastrophic threat. A caldera the size of Mount Everest, created hundreds of thousand of years ago, holds back super-heated magma, rising and falling, looking for release. Scientists agree. The eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano is overdue for an eruption. Events have been set into motion that lit the fuse of the greatest disaster mankind has ever known. Is it going to happen? Yes. Do we know when? Anytime, or not within our lifetime, hopefully. But if it does...

The Yellowstone series is a wake-up call for those who disregard natural disasters as a threat. For most, the dangers we face from nature are not considered a disaster until they become a human catastrophe - quantified by body counts and economic damages. Otherwise, in most people's point of view, it is merely another blip in the 24-hour news cycle. The eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano will be more than a spectacle to grab our attention. It will be the end of the world as we know it.

About the Yellowstone series:

Volcanoes are the Earth's way of letting off steam. While most people look at volcanic eruptions as natural disasters, the fact of the matter is, without them, the Earth would explode. Deep beneath the surface of the planet, excess heat builds up, finding a way to vent. Like an overcrowded bus on a hot summer day, the overheated magma stews in its own madness, allowing pent-up frustrations to boil over, until it releases its fury - its hellfire - upon the world above. Yellowstone is quite simply the most potentially explosive, violent, deadly, active volcano on our planet, and scientists agree, a catastrophic eruption is inevitable. Yellowstone is extraordinary in its potential and is quite simply, Earth's greatest killer. You've been warned.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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I’ve loved reading since I was little when my dad would read me Dr. Suess books. Fast-forward a little and I noticed that he was always reading on his lunch breaks at work, and I wondered why.Then, I found a book that took me to another place and time, to another feeling,another sense of “being”.It was the first book that I ever fell in love with, and I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since.

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