Audiobook: Texas Strong by Bobby Akart (Narrated by Sean Runnette)

A Story With A Lot of Heart

5 out of 5 stars

I’m not one to write spoilers in my reviews and I’m not going to start now but I will warn you – Texas Strong ends on one of the biggest cliffhangers I’ve ever read.  Akart had me hook, line, and sinker with the ending.  I knew it was coming and I still said: “Come on Bobby!” when it ended the way that it did.

Texas Strong tells the continued story of the Armstrong family and their quest to stay alive.  There are some politics in Texas Strong but I think that Akart tried to skirt the line a little (and I’m thankful for that).  I can’t tell where he’s going with it (he’s still leading up to what will be a crazy finale) but I know that everything he’s putting in the book is there for a reason.

I love the pureness of these stories.  Akart is able to write a story that feels real, wholesome, and incredibly realistic.  The things that happen to these characters are completely believable and would probably happen darn close to how he’s written them.  I just love that about them. I feel like I’m learning something and being entertained at the same time.  You can’t find that in most books.

The family aspect in the entire Lone Star Series has been refreshing too.  The Armstrongs are a welcoming family and one that is Texas Strong and Texas Proud for sure.  They have strong family values and are there for each other.  It’s nice to read about a strong family getting through tough times.

There was a quote near the very end of Texas Strong that teared me up today on my drive home. There was a scene between two of the men of the ranch talking about their ladies – it was perfect and perfectly needed in this book.  It was a nice break from death and destruction.

Overall, Texas Strong might be my favorite book in the series yet – and I know I’m in for even more.  I almost took .5 away from Akart just because of the ending – but it would take away from an otherwise perfect book in my eyes.

Book Description:

Audiobook: Texas Strong by Bobby Akart (Narrated by Sean Runnette)Texas Strong by Bobby Akart
Narrator: Sean Runnette
Length: 6 hrs and 51 mins
on May 31st 2018
Genres: Political, Post-Apocalyptic, Prepper
Pages: 266
Format: Audiobook
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Texas Free! Texas Strong!
A battle cry rallied a new nation.
But a storm is brewing which could challenge the Texans' way of life.
A warning is issued ... you better leave well enough alone because you don't know nothin' about Texas Strong.

The Lone Star Series continues with Texas Strong, book four in Author Bobby Akart's latest post-apocalyptic thriller fiction series.

Nuclear armageddon struck the United States and Texas received a glancing blow. The Armstrong family is reunited and now they must turn their attention to the threats which exist all around them.

Through prudent planning, Texas protected its power grid from the impact of the devastating electromagnetic pulse attack, but was it enough? The new nation is but an island surrounded by chaos and devastation. Food is running out for its nearly thirty million citizens while millions of refugees press against the borderfencing erected to keep them out.

The pressure is on and an unexpected catalyst is about to create havoc for all Texans, including the Armstrong Ranch.

The Lone Star Series is a thought-provoking, gut-wrenching look into a post apocalyptic country devastated by nuclear destruction.

Would you be ready to make the tough decisions to protect your family and survive?

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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I’ve loved reading since I was little when my dad would read me Dr. Suess books. Fast-forward a little and I noticed that he was always reading on his lunch breaks at work, and I wondered why.Then, I found a book that took me to another place and time, to another feeling,another sense of “being”.It was the first book that I ever fell in love with, and I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since.

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