Audiobook: The Innocents (Pandemic Series #2) by Bobby Akart (Narrated by John David Farrell & Kris Adams)

No One Suspects The Innocents

5 out of 5 stars

Sometimes I need a few days after finishing a book to write a good review.  Sometimes this means that the book was terrible and sometimes it means that the book was amazing.  In the case of The Innocents, it was the latter.  Bobby Akart has really cornered the market with his mixture of medical thriller, post-apocalyptic, and dystopian series ‘The Pandemic Series’.  I think that this series has something for almost anyone to enjoy.

The Innocents continues where Beginnings left off throwing us right back into a world that is on the verge of an incredibly serious and deadly pandemic. It seems that no one will be safe.

The “funny” review line that I was able to come out with for this book was, ‘it must be nice to have Bruce Wayne money when the world is on the brink of collapse’.  I thought that numerous times since one of our main characters has a lot of zeros in his bank account (on the correct side of the period). Honestly, I thought this would bother me, but to watch how someone would prepare with basically unlimited funds was a point of view I’ve rarely seen in post-apocalyptic books.

The love story between the two main characters could have been cheesy, and a few times it was, but if you listen to real love stories of your grandparents or parents — you’ll find some of the same cheesiness.  Love can be cheesy at times and when it’s written in a book that’s about the world on the brink — it could feel out of place, but I think that Akart hits the nail on the head. It was the right amount of gushiness without going over.

Akart is able to prey on our fears as readers and Americans.  He is taking stories that are out of the news and writing them into a fictional story that could read like tomorrows headline.  Reading about things that you are already scared of, whether you know it or not, is always scarier.  He can plant an idea in your brain. You’ll stop reading, but that idea will grow to cause you to think about this book long after you’ve put it down.

The Innocents will be a book that I remember for a long time.  The plague that Akart has written about and described for two books is utterly terrifying.  It’s incredibly researched and I cannot find any holes in his plots.  This disease would absolutely annihilate the population if it was released in the world today.  Preppers and regular joes alike wouldn’t stand a chance against this disease.

Overall, if you couldn’t tell from above, I really enjoyed this story and I cannot wait to find out what happens in the rest of the books.  Akart is a master of suspense, keeping us on the edge of our seats.  But, he does it with a fact-based fiction that would scare even the most hardened readers.

Book Description:

Audiobook: The Innocents (Pandemic Series #2) by Bobby Akart (Narrated by John David Farrell & Kris Adams) five-stars
The Innocents by Bobby Akart
Narrator: John David Farrell, Kris Adams
Length: 8 hrs and 18 mins
Series: The Pandemic Series #2
Published by Bobby Akart Inc. on July 27, 2017
Genres: Medical Thriller, Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 357
Format: Audiobook
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And so it begins, the disease enters on the quiet feet of The Innocents.
It invades each and every one of us.
But, they say, plagues are like fires.
At some point, they burn themselves out. Or not.


A new dystopian, post-apocalyptic fiction series from author Bobby Akart (The Blackout Series, The Boston Brahmin series and the Prepping for Tomorrow series). The events depicted in The Pandemic Series are fictional. They are, however, based upon historical fact.

I received this book for free. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Also by this author: 36 Hours (Blackout #1), Zero Hour (Blackout #2), The Loyal Nine, Cyber Attack
Also in this series: Pandemic: Beginnings, Level 6, Quietus (Pandemic #4)

About the Author:

Author Bobby Akart, an Amazon Top 5 ranked Author for both the Science Fiction and Religion/Spirituality genres, has written sixteen #1 Best Sellers in both fiction (Pandemic Series, Blackout Series and Boston Brahmin Series) and non-fiction (Prepping for Tomorrow Series).

His new Pandemic Series, a post-apocalyptic medical thriller series, has produced four #1 bestsellers and has been described as frighteningly realistic.

Bobby has provided his readers a diverse range of topics which are both informative and entertaining. His attention to detail and impeccable research has allowed him to write bestselling books in several fiction and non-fiction genres which were described by one Amazon Top 500 Reviewer, and Vine Voice as “interesting and original. Ripped from the headlines doesn’t begin to describe the excellence in this post apocalyptic fiction series.”

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I’ve loved reading since I was little when my dad would read me Dr. Suess books. Fast-forward a little and I noticed that he was always reading on his lunch breaks at work, and I wondered why.Then, I found a book that took me to another place and time, to another feeling,another sense of “being”.It was the first book that I ever fell in love with, and I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since.

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