MEG Origins by Steve Alten

MEG Origins


Hungry for more…

4.5 out of 5

So I finished this book within an hour or so, but wow. It really made me want to go back and read the whole series again. This is a great short story/novella completely in the same vein as all the other “Meg” series books.

If you haven’t read any of them yet, read this and you will soon be reading the first book in the series, and if, like myself, you’ve finished the entire series (that he’s written so far) this will have you chomping at the bits for another addition to the “Meg” family.

This is a great book to jump into the series to “get your feet wet” — Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  You are introduced to the main characters of most of the series and if you’re like me — you’ll be grabbed right away and feel like you truly understand where they are coming from and what drives them.

Steve Alten is the master of this type of fiction, and has a movie deal out right now for the first book in the series “MEG”.  Check this novella out and see what you’ve been missing.



Commander Jonas Taylor is tasked with piloting the US Navy’s most advanced submersible, the DSV Sea Cliff, to the bottom of Challenger Deep — 36,000 feet below the surface — into what is very much an undiscovered country. What he finds there — a remnant population of luminous, prehistoric Megalodons — will change the course of the rest of his life.

In this prequel to his New York Times Bestseller, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, Alten sets the stage for the popular suspense series to follow. Fans of Meg will find it a must for offering insight into key characters’ backstories, but the novella-length work also stands alone as a bite-sized tale of deep-sea suspense.

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